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Step 1: Client meeting to review portfolio and work together to determine the overall feeling, concept and imagery of the commissioned piece, and the size and budget.

Step 2: Based on the agreed upon conceptual direction, the painting will be completed either working in the studio from a photo or plein air. The following are more detailed descriptions of what is involved with each process:

Studio: Site visit to photograph different visual perspectives of the desired location. Photos will then be reviewed with the client, if necessary, to decide on the final vision. The painting is then completed in the studio. A down payment of half of the agreed upon fee is due prior to the start of the final painting process.

Plein Air: Initial site visit with client, if necessary, to determine the desired painting perspective. Final painting is then completed on site at the agreed upon location. Timing and completion of the final painting will be at the descretion of the artist, and determined by the specific lighting requirements necessary—and of course by mother nature. A down payment of half of the agreed upon fee is due prior to painting on location.

Step 3: Delivery of the completed painting. Balance of fee is due upon receipt.


1. Travel expenses will be charged for any work done outside the bay area. (Which includes San Francisco, Marin, East Bay, Napa and Sonoma counties)

2. Paintings can be provided framed or unframed. The artist's preferred framing style is a float mount in a black or natural wood frame. Artists framing is done by Perry's Custom Framing in San Anselmo. Rough quotes for artist style framing will be provided once the size of piece is determined. Any other style framing desired will be handled by the client.

3. It is understood that the artist is being commissioned is for her specific style, individuality, color interpretation and creative approach, however should a painting be rejected at completion, the artist reserves the right to sell the piece.
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